Lesion and Mole Treatment


Treats: seborrheic keratoses/moles and lesions*

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Full Body Skin Mapping

We are thrilled to bring the latest in skin care and mapping technology to our patients to provide an unparalleled experience in your health and treatment including fast and accurate skin mapping,

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IPL – Intense Pulsed Light PhotoFacial

Treats: acne,* age spots,* aging skin of the hands & chest,* birthmarks,* moles and lesions,* sebaceous hyperplasia* and unwanted hair*

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Levulan PhotoDynamic Therapy (PDT)

Treats: acne,* actinic keratosis,* moles & lesions,* scars* and warts*

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Treats: acne scars,* age spots,* aging skin of the hands & chest,* freckles,* large pores,* moles & lesions,* pigment & melasma,* redness,* skin tone & texture concerns* and wrinkles*

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