Thin Lips

Thin Lips

Have you ever thought that your appearance could improve if your lips were fuller?

Thin lips are characterized by lips that lack adequate fullness and are not proportional to the rest of the face. While some patients may naturally have less fullness in the lips, others may experience a gradual thinning of this areas as the body loses collagen and elastin. If you are unhappy with the size and shape of your lips, you are either experiencing age-related volume loss or simply lack the volume you desire due to genetic makeup.

Fuller lips can transform the face

Synonymous with youth and sex appeal, shapely lips are a popular trait that many of our patients want to achieve. Thankfully, adding volume, fullness and enhancing the shape of both the top and bottom lip can be done with a straightforward process involving one, or in some instances two, treatments. This change alone can immediately help restore balance, giving you an overall more pleasing and younger looking appearance.

How lip volume is achieved

At Dermatology and Laser Centre, we offer a slew of options for improving the look of thin lips, including the full family of Restylane and Juvederm dermal fillers.* These leading hyaluronic acid fillers are made up of the same compound that is naturally found in the human body; it’s responsible for giving your lips and face a plump, fresh appearance, but it unfortunately begins to diminish after the age of 30. The right, artful approach with these dermal fillers results in spectacular improvements in the shape and volume of the lips.*

Treatments in the greater Los Angeles area

Whether you seek a subtle, more nuanced enhancement or a dramatic improvement to your lips, we have the skills and experience to deliver the results you desire.*

Lip injections are generally completed in one short office visit. To ensure you feel as comfortable as possible, we will often use numbing agents to help ease any minor discomfort.*

If you are interested in full, more youthful-looking lips, book a consultation online today!

*Individual results may vary; not a guarantee.

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