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Rubinstein MD Daily acne Pads

Daily Acne Pads

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A daily-use exfoliating toner pad designed for oily blemish- prone skin. Beta hydroxy acid gently sloughs away pore- clogging dead cells and dissolves oil as a clarifying peptide zeros in on acne-causing bacteria. Niacinamide/B3 helps calm skin and diminishes the appearance of dark spots that blemishes may have left behind. Great for use on face and body for smoother, clearer skin.

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The ultimate skin-quenching moisturizer for dry skin. A time-release hyaluronic acid provides round the clock intensive hydration while 5 ceramides and 2 pro-ceramides replenish nourishing lipids and lock in moisture. Its gentle creamy formula revitalizes skin without a heavy or greasy feel. It is also ideal for sensitive types, post-procedure flaking or skin depleted of its lipids from Accutane use.

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This clarifying moisture gel can be used by blemish-prone skin that is oily or dry. It contains a clarifying peptide and nourishing squalane, a unique ingredient that mimics the skin’s natural lipids (oils). Squalane tricks the skin into naturally adjusting lipid production to find a perfect balance between oily and dry. Its silky mattifying formula leaves skin looking visibly clearer with an all-day shine-free look.

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Skin Clarifying product

Skin Clarifying Foamy

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A potent multi-hydroxy foam cleanser developed for oily acne-prone skin. Maximum strength 2% salicylic acid, glycolic acid and tea tree oil unclog pores and kill acne- causing bacteria to clarify skin and prevent breakouts. Calming lavender soothes skin as its rich foam penetrates deep into pores to thoroughly cleanse away oil and debris without drying.

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