Ventura Blvd Magazine Feature – Dermatology & Laser Centre

Ventura Blvd Magazine Feature – Dermatology & Laser Centre

Dermatology & Laser Centre is a full-service medical and cosmetic dermatology practice with locations in Studio City and Simi Valley.  Medical director Dr. Gene Rubinstein is a board-certified dermatologist who has worked in the health care industry for the past 15 years. He earned his medical doctorate degree from Boston University and completed a research fellowship in lasers in medicine at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Rubinstein volunteers his time as a clinical instructor at the West VA hospital in West LA, serving veterans and teaching medical students. In his free time he enjoys playing music.

How does your practice differ from others?

“We have a large practice, but every patient is important to us. We strive to be the go-to dermatology practice for all our patients, their friends and their families. We pride ourselves on getting many referrals from existing patients and appreciate their trust in us. All of our providers and staff are extremely well trained and qualified.”

What is your specific area of expertise?

“I treat a wide spectrum of patients. On the medical side, I specialize in the treatment of dermatologic conditions such as psoriasis and atopic dermatitis. I lecture about the treatments of skin problems to dermatologists and other physicians. I also see many patients for skin exams for the detection of atypical moles and skin cancers. If I find a skin cancer, I perform surgery, including Mohs surgery, to treat the cancer.

On the cosmetic side I have expertise in lasers and use many in my practice. I have also lectured about lasers for pigmentation, resurfacing and tattoo removal at conferences to physicians and physician assistants. I have performed many neuromodulator and filler procedures from the earliest time they were available.”

What inspired you to be a doctor?

“I became interested in medicine in high school. As a senior at Agoura High, I was part of a unique anatomy and physiology program that involved cadaver dissection; it was then that I decided to pursue medicine as a career. I studied biology at UCLA, which prepared me well for medical school. It was at the Boston University School of Medicine that I became fascinated with the field of dermatology. It was amazing to me that simply by looking at the skin, so many questions about the health of an individual could be answered.”

How does your practice provide personalized attention to patients?

“I consider every patient to be an individual. In our practice we treat every patient as we would our own family and friends. We try to see patients promptly, provide friendly and professional service, and offer patients direct access to myself and our other providers during working hours, as well as having a 24-hour emergency line for off hours.”

What is the philosophy of your practice?

“To provide the best individualized service to patients using cutting-edge, effective technology in a friendly and professional environment.”

How do patients describe your approach?

“My approach is intensely personal. I want to know who my patients are, their interests, what they do, because it allows me to treat them better and leads to better outcomes. Good communication is also important. I make it a point for any patient concern to be answered promptly.”

What state-of-the-art procedures do you offer at your practice?

“As a society we are constantly bombarded with information about the newest medical treatments, and in my practice I am often asked about many of these. As a physician I feel it is on the one hand important for me to stay abreast of all new significant developments in medicine, but that it is my duty to make sure these treatments are safe and effective. Therefore I evaluate all treatments, devices and products I offer in my practice. Some of the newest and most exciting treatments we offer are the PicoSure laser for tattoo removal and pigmentation, SculpSure (a noninvasive laser for fat reduction) and treatments for facial rejuvenation and hair growth. I also have my own line of products that includes an extremely effective sunscreen that protects from infrared as well as ultraviolet radiation, and potent treatments for acne, rosacea and aging.”

What are your top tips for basic health?

“From a dermatology perspective, sun protection is paramount. Sun avoidance, protective clothing and daily sunscreen use are key. Depending on the patient’s condition, I also believe good nutrition and supplementation with vitamins and essential minerals lead to better outcomes. I constantly keep up with literature and attend meetings in order to stay abreast of the latest research.”

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