Throughout the pandemic and the closures, we had been here for you by phone, by FaceTime, SkinCheck online, and texts and we had weathered this storm together.  Our team has worked hard to keep all our patients on their medications and continued providing essential services.  We are now offering all services and starting June 22nd, we will start offering our aesthetician services in Studio City. I was recently interviewed by VENTURA BLVD magazine about our experience and plans moving forward. Here is an excerpt from the interview:


“We have implemented strict safety protocols to help our patients and staff stay safe during this health crisis. In addition to an abundance of PPE that we provide our staff, we adjusted our schedule to ensure limited waiting time and adherence to social distancing guidelines. We began offering telemedicine more than a year before the pandemic, and we continue to offer this valuable service to our patients who require nonprocedural care. This is especially helpful for our elderly patients who can get medication management or diagnosis and treatment of rashes and other skin conditions without needing to come into the office. Switching many routine visits to telemedicine helps us accommodate a slower in-person pace to help comply with the new protocols.”


“As a medical practice, our responsibilities to provide medical care did not change when the pandemic hit. A small team of our hero employees worked tirelessly to keep providing care to our patients with urgent needs. I would like to recognize Jessica Kramer, PA, Heather Hedrick, Michelle Cruz, Marine Kasabyan, Lisette Torres, Glenna Moreno, Linda Fiscina and Ethan Hedrick for their dedication in this extreme situation. Taking turns working in person and remotely, this team provided virtual care and addressed the needs of our patients who were appreciative and understanding as we all navigated through the circumstances.”


“We are grateful to be able to bring back our exceptional team of employees and providers and continue to offer our patients all the care and services as we did before the pandemic. We plan on creating a new normal that is even better and stronger than before.”


“We offer a full line of RUBINSTEIN | MD skincare products in our office and through our website. These products are very popular with our patients all the time, but especially during the quarantine because our patients were able to maintain their skin from home. Products like Skin Renewal Pads continue to be particularly popular as we await the return of our in-office facials and peels.” READ FULL ARTICLE

Read more about how we keep you safe during your visit to our office below.

We are glad to be back to a new, but an even more improved “normal”, and hope to continue to provide you with excellent service in a safe and friendly environment.

Gene Rubinstein, MD

What can you expect when you arrive to our practice now?

  • You will be required to wear a mask
  • You will be asked the COVID-19 screening questions
  • Your temperature will be taken
  • You will remove any gloves and wash your hands (we provide new gloves if desired)
  • You will sign a consent informing you of our requirements for health and understanding of possible exposure. Our pens are sanitized after every use or you are given a new pen to keep (while supplies last).
  • You will be taken into your own room as soon as possible, with minimum waiting and with no more than 4 people in the waiting room. 
  • Our back-office staff will greet you in full protective gear, including a mask, gloves, gown, and face shield. 
  • If your mask is required to be removed during your service, the area of your skin is cleansed with an antiseptic solution and the provider and medical staff wear N95 masks and face shields to prevent contamination.
  • Whenever possible, we use your credit card on file for payment.  If you wish to provide that before your visit, please call us.
  • Our number one goal is to keep you and our staff and providers safe.  We clean and sanitize after every patient.  In fact, we always did, but now we also address high touch areas like door handles numerous times per day and extensively overnight.

Virtual consultations and in-person appointments are available, to schedule, book online or call us at (818) 505-9300.

*Individual results may vary; not a guarantee.

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