Steven Leon, MS, PA-C

Steven Leon, MS, PA-C

With over 11 years of comprehensive Dermatology experience, Steven Leon is an expert in all aspects of medical and surgical dermatology. He has a special interest in skin cancer and acne treatment.

He is a graduate of San Diego State University and earned his Master’s Degree in Physician Assistant Studies from Western University of the Health Sciences, the largest Physician Assistant program in California.

Steven is a recognized leader in his field. He is the author of 13 nationally published articles in Practical Dermatology, Derm Perspectives, and SDPA Journal. These articles cover topics such as pharmacology, skin cancer prevention, skin care products, patient education and acne treatment. He believes that good patient education is the key to great results. He lives in Northridge CA with his wife and two children. Steven is one of our primary providers in the Simi Valley location.

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