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Dermatology & Laser Centre featured in NewBeauty

We are proud to announce that Dr. Gene Rubinstein has been hand-selected by NewBeauty as a partner and will be featured in the Spring 2020 edition of NewBeauty magazine.

The world’s most unique beauty magazine, NewBeauty is the ultimate aesthetic resource for “everything beauty,” covering subjects from advancements in facial fillers to the most luxurious spa treatments to the newest wrinkle-reducing serums and everything in between. NewBeauty’s print and digital reach cement its reputation as a beauty brand powerhouse among readers, marketers and medical professionals.

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Dermatology & Laser Centre featured in on KTLA

Dr. Gene Rubinstein discussed quarantine related skincare tips and telemedicine visits on KTLA Channel 5 News.

If you missed it, don’t worry, visit us online to view our Guide to Dry Skincare!

Guide to Dry Skincare

Dermatology & Laser Centre featured as Top Doctors by Ventura Blvd Magazine

Dr. Rubinstein and our team was featured in the Top Doctors 2019 category. He talked about what the practice is like, his specific area of expertise, the team structure and more.

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Dr. Rubinstein was featured in NewBeauty’s Summer 2019 Issue

Dr. Rubinstein discusses skin cancer in Newbeauty’s Summer 2019 issue. Dr. Rubinstein is based in California where it’s almost always a nice day, but he says it’s this kind of sun-focused thinking that can get people into trouble. “So many patients think you can only get skin cancer by laying out in the sun,” he says. “That is not true, because cumulative sun exposure often leads to skin cancer, and not just periods of intense exposure, as happens on vacation. It’s the daily, small doses of UV exposure that add up, including that received in the car while driving. In the U.S., the majority of skin cancers seen on the face, for example, happen on the left side, due to increased UV exposure from the driver’s-side window.”

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Dr. Rubinstein was featured in NewBeauty’s Summer/Fall 2018 Issue

Growth factors have been used for years to repair joint damage, but as a hair loss application it is fairly new. Since seeing how it effectively treats hair that has been affected by miniaturization and stimulates the follicle to grow thicker, healthier hair, growth factors have become a phenomenon.” Learn more about our treatment for hair loss at the Dermatology & Laser Centre.

KTLA Prime News

Removing Excess Baggage Under the Eyes

When people age, they get what appears to be bags under the eyes. In actuality, it’s loss of tissue. Surgery was the only option to correct the problem, but now there’s a minimally invasive procedure that uses Restylane injections.* Restylane is a type of hyrauluronic acid found naturally in the human body that can be used as a filler. Results are immediate and last up to several months.* Dermatologist Gene Rubinstein specializes in the procedure and will do it live on one of his patients.

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Watch Dr. Rubinstein discussing acne and acne scarring on PBS

Dr. Rubinstein discusses the most advanced acne and acne scar treatments on a popular PBS program American Health Journal. Fraxel laser, Photodynamic Therapy and other treatments are discussed by Dr. Rubinstein.

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KTLA Prime News

BellaFill/ArteFill Permanent Wrinkle Filler

BellaFill (formerly known as ArteFill) is the only filler approved by the FDA with 5 year studies and beyond. Marta Waller, KTLA Health Reporter speaks with Dr. Rubinstein about its benefits.

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Extra! TV

Dr. Rubinstein and Dancing with the Stars’ Carrie Ann Inaba

How does Carrie Ann Inaba keep her skin looking HD TV ready, she visits her Dermatologist, Dr. Gene Rubinstein. After a Visia Skin Analysis, Carrie Ann gets a PhotoFacial and an Oxygen Facial. See more in this Extra!TV video clip.

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KTLA Prime News

Aluma Skin Renewal and Tightening

Dr. Gene Rubinstein demonstrates Aluma skin tightening procedure on KTLA Prime News with Marta Waller.*

The Aluma system with FACES technology works by creating a controlled volume of heated tissue in the dermis (deeper skin layers). Improving on earlier technology such as Thermage, Aluma’s technology is truly a breakthrough approach to treatment.*

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NBC News

What Women Do to Wear High Heels

Dr. Rubinstein talks about Restylane and Botox injections in the feet with Dr. Bruce Hensel on KNBC 4.

Hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating) of the feet and thin skin in the ball of the foot prevent many women from wearing high heels. Botox and Restylane injections are used to create a soft cushion and less slippery feet.* Enjoy your Manolos!

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