Are you unhappy with the appearance of SKs (seborrheic keratoses) on you face, neck, chest or back? SKs are spots on the skin that may be flat or raised. They are normally a color that is your skin tone or darker. Flat SKs can appear velvety or shiny in texture. Over time, they may grow or multiply. They may also become thicker and raised with a waxy or rough texture.

What is ESKATA?

We are pleased to now offer ESKATA, the first and only FDA-approved topical treatment that can be used to treat raised SKs.* This hydrogen-peroxide-based treatment was developed exclusively to treat seborrheic keratoses. Using its soft-tip, pen-like applicator, we can target any of your raised SKs.* Treatments are not painful, and most patients describe a slight “tingling, itchy” feeling.* You cannot get treatments over the counter, and they will have to be administered by the dermatology experts at Dermatology and Laser Centre. During your appointment, we can treat up to 7-10 lesions at once, depending on the size with each treatment.* We recommend 1-2 treatments of ESKATA, though this will vary, depending on the amount of SKs you want removed.*

What can I expect from the results?

Three weeks after your treatment, we will evaluate your results. If your treated SKs are not clear, we will apply ESKATA once more. Your follow-up treatment will only be done if there is no irritation present. The most common side effects of this treatment include itching, stinging, swelling, redness, scaling and swelling.*

Schedule treatments in the greater Los Angeles area

Contact us today to find out if ESKATA is right for you. You can schedule a consultation in Studio City or Simi Valley. During your consultation, we will map out a treatment plan just for you! Give us a call at (818) 505-9300 (Studio City) or (805) 522-3300 (Simi Valley) to get started.

*Individual results may vary; not a guarantee.

ESKATA is Used to Treat:

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