What is Allumera?

Allumera® Photodynamic Cosmetic Treatment represents the first in a new, exciting class of photodynamic cosmetic treatments that is clinically proven to help improve the overall appearance of skin, making facial texture feel smoother. Allumera helps to reduce the appearance of pores, crow’s feet, and fine lines, leaving skin clearer.

How does Allumera work?

Allumera is a topical cream designed to improve the overall appearance of the skin. This treatment has been clinically proven to reduce the appearance of outward signs of aging, including: 

  • Minimized appearance of pores 
  • Revitalized, younger-looking, clearer and more beautiful skin 
  • Reduced appearance of crows feet, fine lines and dark circles 
  • Firmer yet more supple appearance of skin 
  • Overall skin texture; skin feels more moisturized, smoother 

After one to two hours, the skin is treated with a light source, either Blu-U or IPL, depending on individual patients and treatment process and recommendations.

What is the treatment process?

Your individual process will vary depending on the recommendation of Dr. Rubinstein.  

  1. Allumera cream is applied to the entire face or other area to be treated.  The face, neck, chest, hands, shoulders and back are common areas of treatment.  
  2. The cream remains on your skin 60 minutes to 2 hours depending on your treatment recommendation. 
  3. The skin is exposed to light within the visible range (400-700 nm). Source of light and duration are based on your treatment recommendation (see box *More about Lasers). 
  4. Three (3) treatments, spaced four (4) weeks apart, are recommended. 

IMPORTANT:  Use of any topical medications, including Retin-A and other prescription creams, ointments or lotions must be reported to Dr. Rubinstein BEFORE the Allumera is applied. Allumera™ should not be used on consumers with known hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients or light.  


What can I expect after the treatment?

After treatment, avoid direct sun exposure to the treated area for 2 days and protect treated areas by wearing a titanium dioxide sunscreen and sun protective clothing such as a hat with a 4″ brim. Avoid the sun until the skin has stopped peeling completely and is no longer pink.  Avoid any additional chemical treatments in the treatment area for 3-4 weeks, including hair dye, waxing and threading.

The majority of patients may experience a mild to moderate prickling, stinging or burning sensation during and immediately after treatment. Severe discomfort is uncommon. You may experience superficial skin peeling. 

Is there any downtime?

When treated with the Blu-U, patients can expect minimal downtime with improvement of overall skin quality and reduction in pore size.  Downtime may vary from one to seven days.  Downtime depends on the condition of your skin and its reaction to the treatment.    

In combination with IPL, Allumera is best indicated for patients wishing to achieve an enhanced result to the PhotoFacial.  Downtime may vary from one to seven days and may include redness, peeling and swelling.

What should I bring to the procedure?

  • A book or something to help occupy your time since you will be incubating for at least one hour.  
  • A hat, scarf or other covering for your face, especially on warm sunny days or if you live far from the office. Any immediate exposure to light will increase the reaction on your skin. Even though this is not particularly dangerous to the skin, it may increase your recovery time significantly.
  • Payment for the procedure. All cosmetic treatment is prepaid prior to your starting the procedure.  
Clinically proven results with Allumera

*Individual results may vary; not a guarantee.

Allumera is Used to Treat:

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